We work with you through the entire process of moving to a smaller house, apartment or retirement community. With our guidance, you make the final decisions about what to take, donate, and give to family members or discard. We can transport any items you want to donate to the non-profit of your choice and, if you wish, get a receipt for tax purposes.  We can also hold an Estate Auction for the items you don’t want and don’t take to your new home.

Move Management

We can organize and coordinate all aspects of your move, whether local or long-distance. We can pack, supervise on moving day and unpack at your new local residence. We set up your new home by making beds, setting up electronics and lamps. If you’re moving out of the area, we can work closely with move managers in your new location. We take care of every detail, large and small.


We pack your home, including your most delicate, fragile and most loved belongings as if we were packing our own items. We use the highest quality packing materials.

Furniture Placement

We will prepare personalized floor plans allowing you to explore placement options in your new home. This saves time and money by moving only the furniture that fits as well as helping you take maximum advantage of the new space.

Unpacking & Set Up

We turn our new house into your new home by unpacking and putting away your belongings. We organize cabinets and closets for efficiency and ease of use. Clothing is hung in closets and beds are made. Clocks, lamps, computers and TVs are set up. We hang art or shelves and if you want, can install closet systems. When possible, we take photos of your bookcases and china cabinets and can use the photos to recreate the “look” of your previous home.

Estate Sales

We are experienced in organizing, promoting and managing estate auctions. Each auction reaches local, regional, national and even international audiences through extensive promotion. Your items get maximum exposure and you get the maximum earnings.

House Clearing

Need to clear out a house, garage or outbuilding? We can take care of these tasks and leave the space “broom clean.”


We help you get rid of clutter and enhance the look of your home through organizing closets, cabinets, attics, garages and basements. We can pack your unused items and move the boxes to storage or transport these to the non-profit of your choice getting a receipt for your taxes.

Preparing Your House To Sell

Real Estate professionals know that closet, cabinet and other storage space is important to home buyers. We can clean out and organize closets, cabinets, attics, garages and basements; pack and store personal items such as collections, family mementos and photographs; and inventory and drop off donations at the non-profit of your choice getting a receipt for your taxes.

Facilitated Family Discussions

You may know families who have experienced permanent breaks in relationships and trust after the death of one or both parents through what is viewed as inequitable distribution of the estate. Some feel their siblings took things he or she didn’t deserve; took things behind other’s back; or even went around the wishes of the parent(s). No one wants this to happen in his or her family. The sadness of these situations is the reason Assisted Moving offers the unique service of Facilitated Family Discussions.

A skilled and experienced facilitator first meets with you so you can express your wishes. Information is gathered, documented and then is used to guide families through the crucial conversation of who will get what when household belongings are distributed. The facilitator is in charge, expressing Mom and/or Dad’s wishes so disagreements are prevented. These may not be easy conversations, but these are important conversation and it’s recommended they take place while you are still alive and can be involved.